Sheryl Crow Inspired Outfit

A few days ago I was looking at pictures of Sheryl Crow and stumbled across this one (featured to the right; isn't it awesome?!)

Crow is another tough-girl rocker whose outfits are attractive and unique, yet wearable by women other than herself.

I love how she flawlessly combines the leather jacket (what rocker doesn't love leather?), jeans and waistcoat. I've never seen a waistcoat mixed with leather until now - wow, does it look great!

After about a millisecond's pause, I knew this outfit is one that I will be buying next time I go clothes-shopping, and I couldn't pass up sharing the look with you, either. The image below features the different pieces used in this outfit. I couldn't find anything exact (obviously) and the image stops just below Crow's waist, so I had to improvise with shoes. I think boots are appropriate...I love the one pictured. Check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments:

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