Nirvana Inspired Outfits

Whether you are a serious follower of the rock industry, or are lucky enough to have made being apart of it your career, you are probably one of the 99% of people who love to flaunt your favorite bands' colors.

I know that I do - about 75% of my t-shirts are band tees.

Unfortunately, most of them are also men's tees because few stores offer women the same variety of band clothing that males get (esp. when it comes to rock bands). This can be annoying because, in my experience, many of these t-shirts have long, wide sleeves which I'm afraid makes my arms look bigger than they are and just doesn't look as feminine as I would like.

I spent some time scanning blogs for ideas to make these types of band tees look better, and (being the huge Nirvana fan that I am), found these to look quite epic ;)

I found this (half?) outfit via We Heart It. The thing I love most about it is it's simplicity. It is perfect for larger tees with wide sleeves and can work for everyday if you live in a particularly sunny area, or a casual look for the summer.

Unfortunately, she's not wearing any pants (hence the term "half outfit"), but if a shirt you like is wide at the hips I think stockings and shorts would work (you could always try something like this). If it's a pretty nice fit, jeans will go nicely, as will a pair of high tops or converse with either look.

The outfit pictured below is my favorite. The model is actually wearing a Chaser Nirvana raglan, but I think you could pull this off with a tee (even meant for men) as long as it fits nicely.

Other than the jeans, it was difficult to find anything similar to the items used in this outfit on Polyvore, but I did the best I could. Besides the raglan, this model is sporting a Rave jacket, Seven for all Mankind jeans, Pierre Hardy x Gap wedges, and a Foley + Corinna bag.

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