How to Dress Like Avril Lavigne

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez
Most every girl in the rock industry fights to create her own style that will separate her from others working in the same genre.

Unfortunately, that style is sometimes so outrageous that it's very difficult to recreate.

That's what drives me crazy about Hayley Williams - her outfits are SO crazy and colorful (and really cool)! But many of them are so unique, you pretty much have to be Hayley Williams to pull them off.

Avril Lavigne on the other hand is more subtle.

The "pop punk princess" has always made it a priority to put her music in front of her image, stating "...I don't want to sell [my body]. I feel that's sort of lame and low. I've got so much more to say."

She loves hoodies, jackets, jeans and t-shirts... and the color black. Until shaving it, Lavigne has never done much to her hair. To top it off, she always wears black eyeliner. This creates a look that is both simple and stylish. Anyone could pull it together with even the most limited wardrobe.

Here are a few ways to dress like Avril Lavigne.

Dear hair... why you have to go and make things so complicated?

Though few realize it, Lavigne is actually a brunette - she dyes her hair blonde. She keeps it long and naturally straight.

Lavigne's original hairstyle was layered tips, side bangs and colored streaks, from platinum blond to shades of green, red and even black. It's a very simple hairstyle, but those who have naturally curly or different-colored hair (like me) may find it difficult to create a similar look.

Which can actually be a great thing.

Having different hair allows you to create a cool spin-off look that matches your personality and becomes your own, which is what I recommend doing anyway. You'll feel more comfortable and probably look better than you would otherwise. Which is why this tip is important:

If you want to dress like Avril Lavigne, do it in a way that still holds true to who you are.

Avril resisted using her body to lure in sales - she obviously isn't dressing for anyone but herself, in a way that makes her feel good.

Besides, every woman is different. Chances are, you won't look good in every outfit Avril Lavigne wears.

I like to straighten my hair and part it to the side for this look. Besides the ginger color and it's natural curl, my hair is a lot thicker than Lavigne's. I don't try to change that. I simply work in some shine serum and roll with it.

Take off all your preppy clothes... and try punk

The three colors Avril is seen wearing the most are black, white and pink. She's often seen dressed casually in printed tees with anything from camo to skirts, though it's rare that she wears anything colorful or even borderline girly-girl.

While Lavigne's tie fad died long ago, there's no reason you can't try adding one to an outfit here or there. She often wore dark-colored chunky bracelets as an accessory. As for other forms of jewelry - besides that gigantic, horrendously expensive engagement ring Chad Kroeger gaver her - Lavigne sometimes wears a long necklace holding a pendant, but ultimately keeps feminine items to a minimum.

When it comes to shoes, Lavigne loves black or hot pink converse, high-tops (Chuck Taylor seems to be one of her favorite brands) and large black boots. Her boots are also matched with many of the things she wears - skirts, jeans... you name it!

If you're going for the sk8r girl look,  you would dress much the same way, maybe trying out high socks that reach halfway between your foot and knee. One accessory I've seen Avril wear a few times with a black tee and jeans is a studded belt that has a large buckle which looks really cool.

For more ideas check out this gallery and let me know in the comments which one you like the best:

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