Grunger Ghostbomb ?

A ghost with a sense of humor (see her in the background there?)

Fist Pump Friday: This Week's Best Finds 11/8

// Outfit 1 //

I came SO FOCKING CLOSE to seeing Hayley in concert :(

Melting Tights

Melting Tights, a new trend that recently found its way into the grunge-fashion world, were introduced by the new label URB Clothing who's slogan is " for fashionjunkies and those who like to be out of range."  This head-turning punk hosiery is made with thin black or clear tights, latex and a thin layer of baby powder, creating the illusion that your legs are dripping with molten matter.

Hayley Williams was one of the first celebrities to adopt the trend, wearing a pair of URB Neon Yellow Melting Tights in Paramore's "Still Into You" music video, featuring the single from their new self-titled album.